Data ingestion from Google spreadsheet to Elasticsearch

In this blog we are elaborate how to ingest data from Google spreadsheet to Elasticsearch.

So, There are 5 steps to ingest data from Google spreadsheet to Elasticsearch. Please follow the below steps:

Step – 1)  Login to your account .

Step – 2) Open Spreadsheet and follow step.

Open the spreadsheet and click on Add one and type elasticsearch in search box.You would see below screen.



Now click to add elasticsearch plugin. After adding ,you have to give permission to it.After giving permission, elasticsearch plugin would be added into your account.


Step – 3) Add elasticsearch plugin :

–  Now click on  Add-ons , you would see below screen.



Step – 4) Fill Cluster Information :  

Click on send to cluster.Now  you would below screen


Here ,in right hand side ,you have to type Host and Port along with Username and Password.

Step -5) Test the Connection :

Test to check connection with elasticsearch. After filling all the things, click on Test. You would see this message  “Successfully connected to your cluster”. Click to Save and click to Edit Data Details.

Step – 6) Edit Details :

After clicking Edit Data Details   ,Select id column and type index name and type name in which you want to ingest this spreadsheet data. You would  see below screen.



Step – 7) Push to Cluster :

After filling all the things ,click on Push to Cluster . You would see below screen



After pushing data into cluster .You would see this message  “Success! The data is accessible here”.

Now click to link here of receive message and see your ingested data into ES.